10 INTJ K-Pop Idols (The Ultimate List)

Ever wonder how an INTJ would do as a K-Pop?

There are actually quite a few INTJ idols who can testify to that.

As an INTJ myself, I could really relate to them on many levels.

Can you?

Here’s a list of INTJ K-Pop idols you can identify with.

10 K-Pop Idols With INTJ Personality Type

INTJs don’t often go down the entertainment route. That’s why there aren’t many famous people with this MBTI personality type in the K-Pop universe. 

But those that do have this personality type are definitely a refreshing addition to the K-Pop world. Their unique personality easily wins the hearts of lovers of the genre. 

Let’s see who these celebrities are!


Earning the title “the Queen of K-Pop” doesn’t come easy. But BoA worked hard for that as if she always had that goal.

But that’s not such a surprise, given how ambitious, thorough, and future-oriented BoA is. It’s pretty clear that she has a big picture in mind, so focusing on the task at hand doesn’t come hard for her.

She also knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to confront her boss. Even the director himself said that she appears “scary.” Well, that’s how we INTJs fight for what we believe in.

Jo Yuri – ex Iz*One

Throughout many interviews and variety shows Iz*One did as a group, you could really notice who’s an INTJ in a group.

When Yuri expresses her opinions, she’s very rational and straightforward. And if someone’s wrong – well, she’ll provide them with a more logically-refined claim.

Like a true introvert, Yuri prefers to stay at home on her day off. She wouldn’t mind going to a gathering every now and then, but please schedule it in advance. She already has her day planned meticulously and hates changing a schedule on the go.

Suga – BTS

Min Yoongi, better known by his stage name Suga, is a typical INTJ.

He has a strong introverted intuition, which is very apparent in interviews. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who said that “not having a clear dream has been his biggest worry.” 

The fear of the future apparently troubled Suga from a young age. That’s why he always tried to be prepared for unknown circumstances. Now, if this isn’t something all of us INTJs are at least somewhat troubled about, then I don’t know what is.

I.M – Monsta X

Survival shows are the best kind of shows for discovering an idol’s true personality. In these shows, there’s no such thing as an “off-camera” personality. The cameras are always on, seeing you at your best and at your worst.

Well, those cameras really captured the essence of I.M’s personality traits.

This guy wasn’t liked by others at the beginning of the show. And in many situations where he interacted with other trainees, it seemed like he knew by heart what to say. But to a degree, he really did, as he had already simulated possible scenarios beforehand.

I.M, like a true INTJ, can also appear cold and isolated. But once you get to know him, you can see there’s so much more behind that facade. 

Jiheon – Fromis_9

If I had any doubts that Jiheon is an INTJ idol, they were gone after she said:

“It’s my wish to move less than five times a day.”

She then elaborates on how she plans to execute that goal. She’s so meticulous but rational that she manages to fulfill that successfully and is very efficient as well.

In fact, this girl is all about planning, as her groupmates can attest. This is the approach she uses for work as well, as everything in her routine needs to be effective and efficient.

Sakura – Le Sserafim

Debuting for the third time in 2022, it’s clear that Sakura is a very ambitious and goal-driven person. And through the years, we got to see her INTJ personality come to shine.

Not only does Sakura knows what she wants, but she also knows how to achieve those things.

Through the survival show Produce 48, we could see her strategic planning put to good use. From the beginning, she knew her strengths and weaknesses. She knew what to utilize and what to work on in order to achieve her dream of debuting. 

To some, she may have appeared sly and deceptive, but in reality, she just acts in a way that will give her results.

New – The Boyz

Like a true INTJ, New is very straightforward and may appear cold at times

Of course, he’s not really an ice king, as he cares deeply about people close to him. But that’s not something he expresses in words very much.

He’s also very sharp-witted and analyzes every situation to find the most practical solution for it. New is aware that often doing something right means doing it yourself. That’s why on varieties shows, he is always ready to take the initiative whenever his groupmates seem lost in the task.

Ahn Seongmin – CRAVITY

Seongmin’s INTJ personality was very apparent from the group’s debut. It’s clear how he’s awkward with showing affection towards the other groupmates at the beginning. It’s not until they get really close that he becomes more comfortable with expressing himself.

But while social interactions aren’t his thing, problem-solving is. While doing an escape room with the members, Seongmin got to showcase his skills by solving a problem with little information. That’s easy when you can see patterns in everything, like an INTJ.

Krystal – F(x)

Given she has a somewhat developed introverted feeling, Krystal is often misinterpreted as some other MBTI type. But the reality is Krystal is simply a mature INTJ.

The “Ice Princess” said that she only recently started learning how to act around others. As a young INTJ, pleasantries and small talk were a complete enigma to her.

She’s also very future-oriented and thinks little about the past, which also contributed to the title public gave her.

Jiung – P1Harmony

Jiung might not be the stereotypical INTJ in every single way, but there’s no doubt he’s one.

He’s very intelligent and enjoys learning new things. But – not just for the sake of expanding knowledge. Jiung is very future-oriented, so he’s always focused on improving in all important areas.

He’s also a big planner. He even has a bed routine, which also includes setting up a fan timer. Some may find it ridiculous, but INTJs will understand.

To Sum Things Up

INTJ is not one of the common MBTI personality types.

And, given their personality, it’s natural that few of them are in the entertainment business, such as the K-Pop industry.

On the other hand, because there are so few, we’re never bored with their blunt personality and abstract mind. Future-oriented, ambitious, and determined – INTJs have what it takes to succeed.

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