Favorite INTJ Hobbies (Top 27 Picks)

Can’t seem to find a pastime that you actually enjoy?

You’re not the only one.

Because of the high standards, INTJs often have trouble finding something that’s mentally stimulating.

I’d tried a million things before I found out about the hobbies I could really enjoy.

And if you’re struggling with doing the same, I got you covered.

Here are some of the best INTJ hobbies you should try.

Top 27 Hobbies for INTJs

Let’s get straight to the point. Here are the best hobbies to keep an INTJ’s mind occupied for hours to come.


People with an architect personality type always strive to expand their knowledge. So, it’s no wonder that reading comes so naturally to INTJs.

INTJs enjoy reading practically all genres, from philosophy and history to fiction. With such a sharp focus, reading somewhat “difficult” literature is no stranger to an INTJ. 

With that being said, it’s not unusual for an INTJ to get so captivated by the topic they’re reading that they forget about basic necessities. It could be hours before they realize they’re hungry, thirsty, and even tired.


Video games are another great hobby for an INTJ. 

INTJs have excellent decision-making skills and impeccable logical reasoning. So naturally, they thrive in games that emphasize planning over instant action to secure victory. That’s why games like Age of Empires, Civilization, and Starcraft are excellent for INTJs. 

Of course, while they enjoy strategic games, INTJs play other genres as well. They also enjoy role-playing games (RPGs), as they give you ultimate control over your character’s fate. But an INTJ has it all figured out from the first mission, so they have the key to success in their heads.

Just like INTJs can get lost inside their thoughts, they can get lost in the game as well. By this, I mean they can focus so much on the game at hand that they forget to do other basic daily tasks. If not careful, gaming easily turns into an obsessive hobby for an INTJ.

Home organization

woman organizing clothes

If there’s one thing INTJs love, that’s organization. Whether it’s their trinkets drawer or their whole day, INTJs like to have everything systematized. That’s why it’s no surprise they enjoy home organization even as a hobby.

INTJs, like other intuitive types, have this amazing ability to see the big picture. That’s why it’s easy for an INTJ to imagine how a certain room or space could look when organized in a different way. 

Plus, add their innate creativity to the table, and you get some of the best interior designers, even if they’re doing it just for fun.

Martial arts

Martial arts are perfect for INTJs, as they can give them both a mental and a physical challenge. From judo and karate to Muay Thai and taekwondo, these martial arts often have a heavy focus on mental discipline as well. And that’s something INTJs find challenging. 

Martial arts take time and practice, a process that INTJs know how to cherish. With a bigger picture in mind, they understand that nothing comes without effort. 

What’s also great about martial arts is that they can be a great way for an INTJ person to vent.

Playing a musical instrument

Given their excellent focus and dedication, playing an instrument is an excellent hobby for INTJs. 

Learning how to play an instrument, be it a guitar, piano, or even drums starts from the basics. And basics are typically boring – but not for an INTJ. 

While playing the same chord all day long doesn’t seem like an exciting task, an INTJ can see the beauty in it. What’s that beauty, you might ask? Well, an INTJ knows that this time next week, they’ll be able to play the chord to perfection.


man solving sudoku

While some people may find it boring, sudoku is a very entertaining game for an INTJ personality. After all, it’s based on math and logic – what’s there not to like?

With sudoku, an INTJ can really put their rational mind and logical thinking to good use. Sudoku is a great tool for improving concentration and training your deductive reasoning skills.

The best part about having sudoku as a hobby is that it’s cheap and widely available. Almost all newspapers feature a few of them on their pages.


INTJs love sports – but mostly just independent ones. That’s why swimming is their typical choice of sport. There’s no direct contact with other players – everyone has their lane, which they need to stick to. Ideal for any introvert!

Of course, they enjoy swimming for its physical benefits as well. And as you know – a healthy mind in a healthy body.


This is yet another solo sport INTJs love. First, because there’s very little to no social interaction with other people, yay!

And second, they get to enjoy the outdoors. INTJs appreciate the joys of being in nature. And even while cycling, they still get to enjoy the quiet time alone with their thoughts. 

Of course, they don’t need to be mountain biking to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. An INTJ will also enjoy a short bike ride along the river or the coast.

Collecting artifacts

mineral stones

People often find INTJs weird because of their love for all things unusual. And one way they “feed” that love is by collecting those odd things and trinkets. 

The list of things people with this personality type enjoy collecting is endless. It can include everything from records or minerals to weird things like old porcelain dolls and handkerchiefs.


Photography as a hobby is an interesting one when it comes to INTJ personality. 

As you know, photography is a great way to express your creativity. But at the same time, it still expresses a reality, as things you see through the lens are really there.

INTJs are especially interested in the technical aspect of this hobby. By adjusting different parameters, they can express their perspective of the world in their own way.


Just because they’re very rational, that doesn’t mean that INTJs aren’t great at creative writing.

In fact, people with this personality type can use their deep analytical thinking to see patterns in things. And that’s what makes them excellent at writing plots and adding amazing twists that will grab your attention.

Board games

man playing board game

Aside from a bit of luck, board games rely on logic and wittiness. And that’s why INTJs are so great at them. 

Any activity that improves your mental speed and trains your rational reasoning is a fun activity in an INTJ’s mind. 

While Parcheesi might be a bit boring to them, games like Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, or Clue allow them to keep their brains sharp.

That said, they prefer playing board games in a small group of close friends, naturally.

Watching movies and TV

To some, watching movies or tv shows is an activity that you can shut off your brain to. But that’s not the case with INTJs. 

INTJs enjoy watching movies and show with deep stories and plot twists. They apply their critical thinking and problem-solving to the story. That way, they try to figure out the outcome before it happens.


Why do INTJs enjoy gardening so much?

Well, because it’s such a calm activity. 

You can enjoy the solitude and peace of mind the company of plants provides. 

And while it may seem easy, gardening is far from that. Gardening requires a lot of knowledge and practice to do right, and that’s what entices an INTJ personality. You really need to understand what the plant likes and needs in order to keep it thriving.

Word games

What’s there not to love about word games?

Be it crosswords or Scrabbles, these types of games are another way INTJs like to relax. But they’re definitely not a brainless activity. Word games are kind of like mental yoga – they’re an enjoyable pastime that keeps your wits sharp.

Marathon running

INTJs always have a bigger picture in mind. That’s what helps them stay motivated, even when the ultimate goal seems so far away. 

And that’s why INTJs can enjoy endurance sports like marathon running. Aside from being heavily focused on improving physical stamina, they also test your mental condition. 


INTJs have a great appreciation for the arts, and it’s not uncommon for them to take that up as a hobby. 

Even though they’re often very rational and logical, they don’t mind expressing their creativity in a more abstract way. That’s because their minds are very vivid and think in symbols and images. And painting allows them to express that better than they would in words.


Weightlifting is yet another endurance sport INTJs enjoy.

Since they’re future-oriented, INTJs find that to be enough of a motivation to persevere in their goal. They understand that every step of the way is important, so they don’t easily get discouraged by slow progress.


Many INTJs enjoy spending time in nature. Their minds work like crazy on a regular basis, so it’s good to have a quiet place to think. 

Hiking is an activity they can enjoy without thinking too much about it. So while the body is putting effort into going the distance, the mind can wander off and focus on other things.


INTJs are very analytical and have an excellent ability to focus on detail. That’s why, while other people find programming beyond their grasp, INTJs find it interesting. 

After all, an INTJ’s brain works like a computer. So it makes sense for them to find computer working comprehensible. 


woman playing chess

I don’t think this one comes as a surprise. 

Given their ability to see the big picture, INTJs can easily think a few steps ahead and solve complex problems. They can easily visualize what their opponent might do so that they can figure out possible responses. 

Did you know that some of the famous INTJ people are accomplished chess players? This explains a lot.

Bullet journaling

INTJs love to plan. Whether it’s a simple activity or their entire life, people with this personality type like having all figured out.

That’s why they often take up bullet journaling as their hobby. It allows them to keep track of their activities and have them organized. That, as a result, helps them be productive and efficient with their time, which is an ultimate goal of an INTJ.

Wine tasting

This is another hobby INTJs are great at.

Wine tasting is easy to get into but requires refining your skill to achieve mastery. And, well, that’s what entices INTJs. This skill requires depth, and there’s a lot to learn for those who want. 


This is yet another sport that requires very little interaction with other people. INTJs will approve.

Of course, golf requires a lot of practice and patience to play well. It’s very objective and challenging, both of which are features INTJs enjoy.

Finally, golf offers that peace of mind every INTJ can appreciate.

You need to let go of everything that occupies your mind and focus on the shot ahead. This is something that requires great focus and vision, both of which INTJs have.

Learning new languages

INTJs love learning new things, and languages are no exception.

First of all, INTJs don’t just learn for the sake of expanding knowledge but for efficiency as well. And learning a new language can be useful on many occasions.

Learning a new language also improves problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. That’s why INTJs often turn to this activity as their way of sharpening their wits.

Solving puzzles

INTJs are great at solving puzzles. It’s no surprise really, given their minds are like huge puzzles on their own.  

Solving a puzzle requires logical thinking and seeing the big picture, both of which are personality traits INTJs are known for.

Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle or an escape room, INTJs enjoy spending their free time solving them.


woman holding coupons

This may sound odd at first. But you’d be surprised how many INTJs collect coupons. And they truly enjoy doing that.

But it makes sense. INTJs are very efficient, and couponing allows them to be very economical with their budget. And not just that, but they get to be very strategic about how they spend their money. Now, that’s something every INTJ person surely finds entertaining.

To Sum Things Up

As you can see, there’s a clear pattern in hobbies INTJs usually enjoy.

Most of them are solo activities focused on providing mental stimulation above else.

What’s more, these hobbies are usually focused on the big picture and provide constant improvement of skills and knowledge. They really keep your mind occupied 100%, which is something INTJs can appreciate.

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