You can find generalized INTJ information everywhere online.

You can even buy books from popular personality websites that sell toothless, non-specific guides on the INTJ personality.

But why should you settle?

As an INTJ, I was tired of compromising.

I sat thinking one day, and I was overpowered by the thought that one day I won’t be alive anymore. Let me explain.

I suddenly realized how short life is. I then reflected on how I wasn’t making the most of my life and how I should be using my natural INTJ talents for better ends.

I decided to learn as much as I could about myself as an INTJ. My ultimate goal was to one day collect this wide-ranging INTJ insight and share it with other INTJs.

I wanted to share my INTJ secrets with my fellow INTJs.

I’ve done my utmost to cover specific areas of interest and concern for INTJs and tell you how I learned to excel in these areas, and become the best person I could be.

Of course, I’m not perfect, and never will be. But perfectionism is something I struggled with for years. As an INTJ you’ll also know what I mean.

On my blog, I share how I overcame my own perfectionism, kicked some self-sabotaging habits, built a functioning social persona, and attracted romantic partners whom I was attracted to both physically and intellectually.

I also detail relevant career and business advice, as well as advice pertaining to building lasting friendships, and ultimately building your ideal INTJ life.

Make a decision now to take action and stop settling.

Start browsing my site and feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or feedback.