INTJ Jobs No Degree – 7 Choices That Are A Perfect Fit

Finding a job is one of the most important things for an INTJ to figure out, especially if you put yourself in the INTJ jobs no degree category.

With the wrong career choice, this personality type can end up miserable. While there are many jobs that are perfect for INTJs, the large majority of them require a college degree.

With college tuition costs on the rise, it’s becoming more common for people to seek careers that don’t require a degree.

However, being able to find a career you genuinely enjoy that doesn’t require a degree can be a bit tricky – especially for INTJs.

Although it may be hard to get started, INTJs can find genuine happiness in one of these career fields.

1. Author

There is so much an INTJ can do as an author. Because of your ability to think logically and analytically about this process, you’ll be prepared business-wise to make this career a reality.

While many think you need to go to college and learn about creative writing in order to be a successful author, that’s just not the case.

Many of the best authors out there never went to college.

One of the most difficult parts about getting started in this line of work is the simple fact that it takes a lot of time and dedication.

You may end up working a full-time side gig until you can build enough of an audience to support yourself with book sales.

But if you can become an author and make it a viable career option for yourself, you’ll be happier than you even realize.

The freedom that comes with this job is immense. You can write about whatever you want, whenever you want.

And because you’re a great planner, the business side of this career option will be less daunting than it may be for other personality types.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

Ok, many people do go to college for marketing. They spend thousands and thousands of dollars to learn what you can teach yourself online.

The thing about this career option is that it’ll take a lot of studying and learning to get started, and you’ll really have to prove yourself to whoever may potentially hire you.

But the great thing about it is that companies and businesses don’t often care about a college degree – they care about results.

The more you can work toward proving your skills and gaining experience, the more of a chance you’ll have.

You can also take plenty of online courses from other marketing specialists to learn more about this career.

Overall, if you’re able to prove you’re well-informed and know what you’re doing, you don’t truly need a degree for this type of work.

3. Website Development

This career is great for INTJs because it involves a lot of planning and you have complete control over it.

However, while you may not need a degree for this work, you do still have to know HTML coding and other web development-specific information.

Many do attend college for this now, but it’s not completely necessary if you can learn how to do everything online. And since there’s an entire online presence dedicated to teaching you this, you don’t really need college.

So long as you can produce work your client’s value, this career is a completely viable option for INTJs out there.

You’ll get to be creative, manage your own work, and put the logistical side of your brain to work too.

4. Commercial Pilot

INTJ jobs no degree - pilot

Typically, airline pilots need a bachelor’s degree but that’s not necessary for commercial pilots.

Instead of flying people around, you’ll just fly everything else.

Yes, you will have to go through some training and although this costs money, it’s not nearly as expensive as a college degree and you’ll find happiness in this career.

Since you get to spend a lot of alone time and aren’t around people often, it’s the best choice for INTJs who are heavily introverted and like to explore different places.

5. Multimedia Artist

This career is perfect for those of us who are creative INTJs. Almost everything you need to know about multimedia art can be learned on the internet and with experience.

While there are college degree options for this career, they’re not necessary.

Those hiring multimedia artists aren’t interested in where you went to school but rather how your art looks.

This covers a wide range of jobs like video game animator, cartoon animation, and anything in between.

If you’re willing to put forth the work and get better, this could be a very fulfilling career for an INTJ personality type.

6. IT Manager

You may have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Yet you can become an IT Manager without a college degree.

Management positions are great for our personality type. But with IT, you’ll be able to utilize the analytical side of your brain to solve problems and find solutions.

The more you learn, and the more effort you make to expand your knowledge, the quicker you’ll move up the ladder in a position like this.

The great thing about being in tech is that a lot of it is you on your own. You can work on app development or support without having to work with a whole lot of other people. (Which is perfect for us INTJ personality types!)

7. Blogger

Blogging can be an extremely lucrative career option if you know how to start and get noticed.

There are so many resources online for learning how to do this, and also how to make a career out of it.

Since blogging can be done 100% on your own, it’s perfect for INTJs who like to have control over their job and environment. And it’s also fun!

You can blog about anything, really.

Pick your niche, make a plan of action, and follow through with it. You may have to spend a little money upfront and stick with another job while it grows and gains traction. But if you do this right, you could make a healthy living doing something fun and working from home.

While college is great and degrees are required for a lot of jobs, you can find a career without them. These suggestions are some of the best INTJ career matches that don’t require a degree.

So stop waiting around and get working on one!

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