Pros And Cons Of An INTJ ENTJ Relationship

Can there really only be one personality pairing that’s perfect?

Ok, I’m exaggerating.

But what if we were told that this is one of them?

Let me be clear:

I believe this is one of the most compatible matches for an INTJ.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why an INTJ ENTJ relationship could be one of the most enduring, meaningful episodes and experiences of your life.

INTJ ENTJ Relationship: A Complete Overview

It seems to me that in this personality pairing, we have just the right amount of similarity and just the right amount of difference.

Indeed, relationship experts point to pairings like this for exactly this reason.

In an INTJ ENTJ relationship, we can find two individuals with an incredible range of mutual interests, beliefs, life philosophies, and general thought patterns.

INTJs and ENTJs get each other.

This is the foundation on which the relationship can be strongly built.

One of the most remarkable things shared in common in such a relationship is the way of thinking, i.e. a shared perspective.

Both INTJs and ENTJs think about problems in approximately the same way.

They use their developed sense of intuition to attack difficult issues from a multitude of angles, employing a wide range of potential solutions.

A key difference, however, is that the INTJ is far more comfortable dealing with these problems in private, alone in one’s own solitude, where there is the space to think things out internally. INTJs love to think, alone, in quiet places.

ENTJs, on the other hand, prefer to surround themselves with other people and talk out their ideas to the group around them. They can gain inspiration by vocalizing their sometimes muddled thoughts, and putting them in order, often with the assistance of those present.

This process also energizes the ENTJ and brings them to life in a real way.

INTJ ENTJ relationships tend to have the potential for lifelong and deeply developed personal growth. Both types are committed by nature to improving themselves, and their material lives.

Conversations between INTJs and ENTJs will be flowing, intense, and able to cover a broad range of topics and ideas, all in considerable detail. Both types share the passion for lifelong learning and exploring topics in considerable depth.

One Of The Best Matches

INTJ ENTJ compatibility

Both INTJs and ENTJs often remark how they feel that they are passed over by other personality types for being too emotionally unavailable.

They can seem cold, overly reserved, and somewhat intimidating to others based on first impressions or appearances.

It takes time for others to truly appreciate the depth of character of INTJs and ENTJs.

Both are quite capable of showing emotion and empathizing with others; however, their guard is only let down once an initial layer of trust is maintained.

Of course, INTJs and ENTJs know this about each other from the outset.

They draw on their Intuition to sense the boundaries and quirks of one another, adding to a sort of silent dance during the courting process that can maintain itself indefinitely among the more enigmatic of the types.

Both types are deeply private individuals and are uncomfortable with divulging personal emotions to others, unless within the context of an understanding of loved ones and friends who know them and their ways.

This key ability to understand each other makes an INTJ ENTJ relationship such a powerful match.

Both types are low in emotional neediness and, unless taken for granted, each individual in the partnership is extremely grateful that a certain peace and tranquil harmony is maintained throughout the relationship.

The INTJ ENTJ relationship itself will indeed be characterized by its smooth-sailing, low-stress nature.

Conflict, when it occurs, will be managed objectively and with minimal unnecessary drama.

Because INTJs and ENTJs fundamentally get each other, any criticism they receive is usually understood as not being a personal attack.

It truly is an efficient way of doing a relationship – something so typically NTJ.

Indeed the Introverted natural tendency of the INTJ can be complemented by the outward-focused ENTJ, drawing the former out of their shell and into the multitude of alternative perspectives one can find in an educated society.

Equally of note is how the INTJ partner can help to ground the ENTJ partner, perhaps encouraging the latter to slow down and rest a bit more, offering much-needed benefit to the ever-active ENTJ.

No Drawbacks Whatsoever?

INTJ ENTJ Relationship problems

While both INTJs and ENTJs are highly independent and intellectually organized, conflict could arise in the particular nature of the individuals involved.

ENTJs have often been maligned as impatient and unwilling to change their minds without proper convincing.

This tendency and their natural propensity to lead and amass a following could leave the INTJ in the relationship feeling sidelined and increasingly irrelevant.

INTJs, though, can be labeled as indecisive and characterized as overthinking seemingly simple problems.

While the ENTJ personality type might be moving headlong forward, the INTJ can often seem stuck in the mud.

In a healthy, balanced relationship, however, both partners will, as it were, grow into one another.

The INTJ personality type who is willing to learn and maintain the spirit of their commitment to personal development will learn from the behavior of the ENTJ.

Similarly, the ENTJ personality type might learn to take time to themselves, to reflect in private, away from the gaze and subtle judgment of those who surround them.

Overall it seems like an INTJ ENTJ relationship would potentially be a dynamic and intense affair.

The theory of personality pairing is quite compelling, but it is another thing to hear from INTJs and ENTJs themselves and with their own experiences.

It could be that, over time, unseen and unexpected drawbacks can present themselves, and catch the INTJ ENTJ relationship by surprise.  We can at least expect the foundation of a healthy, thriving relationship to take shape.

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