INTJ Careers: 17 Careers Every INTJ Will Love

The career path you choose is more important than you think. Going into a job that’s completely wrong for your personality type can result in regret and a dead end.

In order to succeed in life, you should focus on INTJ careers that’ll suit who you are at your deepest.

But what INTJ careers are best for us calculating robot types? Thankfully, there are a lot to choose from.

Making the wrong choice in one’s career is toxic to most, but even more so for INTJ personality types. We’re very particular and aren’t fond of things being done in a way we disagree with.

For that reason, I’m going to share some of the best career choices for those of you who fit this personality type. Before you start applying for a new job, make sure it’s on this list.

1. Architect

Because of our ability to think more analytically while simultaneously being creative, an architect’s job just might be the best option.

We have a lot of freedom and control over our own projects and, for the most part, are allowed to work independently, which is something most INTJs need in a work environment.

If you’re the type who always thinks about the way things are constructed and how you could improve it, give this job a try.

2. Mathematician

INTJs are known as the “robot” of all personality types because we’re analytical. While some may see this as a bad thing, it can actually be great in a career that’s all about math.

Mathematicians use a lot of logical and analytical theorizing to solve problems in businesses, government, engineering, and more.

This job is perfect for INTJs just because we’re hardwired to think in those ways. It comes naturally to us.

3. Writer

intj careers- writing

As an example, INTJs make fantastic writers. We’re able to verbalize our thoughts in logical and easy-to-understand ways.

Plus, writers work independently. We get to write and create things all on our own and don’t really have to worry about working with others. This type of environment is where INTJs can thrive, and writing offers this.

This career also requires creativity, critical thinking, and determination, which are some of INTJs strongest qualities.

If you’re savvy with your words, being a writer might just be what you need career-wise.

4. Computer programmer

This is yet another job that combines creative thinking with analytics. As logistic-focused as this job may seem, it actually requires a lot of problem-solving and creativity.

Any issues and bugs that may arise in programming require someone who can visualize the outcome and work backwards to fix it.

That’s exactly what INTJs excel at. We’re able to see things in step-by-step form and always find solutions to issues, even if we’re not the ones who need them.

What’s better than a job that puts those skills to use?

5. Lawyer

One of the best jobs for ambitious INTJs is being a lawyer. Not only does this job require critical and logical skills, but it also requires creativity.

As a lawyer, your job is to put together the best argument that makes the most sense. Since we’re highly logical and fantastic problem-solvers, this comes naturally.

Being able to formulate an argument and persuade people to see your reasoning as the truth is something most INTJs excel at.

If you want a challenging job that’s also fulfilling, this is what you should do.

6. Detective

What makes this job perfect for us INTJs has to do with critical thinking and being able to understand motives.

Detectives work hard to piece together small pieces of a larger story. They’re puzzle solvers.

And since INTJs are highly critical and talented problem-solvers, this job will come easy to us.

Most of us may have been told by friends or family that we should be detectives just because we seem to deduce facts from situations we may not even be heavily involved in.

Not only is this job challenging, it’s also highly rewarding, which many INTJs need to feel fulfilled in life.

7. Physician

Firstly, this is a relatively independent job. You wouldn’t have to work with a large staff and get to treat and meet patients on your own.

For INTJs, that’s something highly desirable.

Secondly, this job is also all about problem-solving. A patient comes in with a problem and they want to know what’s wrong. You can easily use your critical and analytical thinking to figure out what’s wrong based on the information they give you.

And much like a detective, this job is very fulfilling in the sense that you’ll help people in your everyday life.

8. Surgeon

Not only does this career path require a determined and highly logical individual, it also requires creativity and someone who only wants to help others.

This is also a job that requires a strong will and sharp mind.

All of these things are present in an INTJ, and that’s what makes this job perfect for our personality type.

And as INTJs, we prefer to work alone or with small groups of people. As a surgeon, you’d basically get to run the show, which is helpful for that side of your personality.

9. Engineer

While many see engineering as a highly mathematical job, it’s also a very creative one. You essentially have to think about the bigger picture and work up to it in order to solve a problem or make something easier.

This type of job is perfect for INTJs simply because it feeds each major part of their personality.

You get the creativity of making something out of nothing as well as solving problems using both logical and creative thinking.

It’s also a highly analytical job that you can perform mostly on your own. And that means you won’t have to suffer through working side-by-side with too many other people.

10. Project Managers

Any sort of management position is great for us INTJs. In all honesty, we’re the type of people who like to be the boss mostly because we truly believe our methods are the best.

And most of the time, that’s because they are.

Our highly logical and also creative minds work to find the best and easiest solution to problems.

Putting this type of personality into a management position allows for growth in any environment. Being a project manager is about seeing something in the best, most efficient way, and that’s what INTJs excel at – along with showing people the best way to do the job.

And since you’re the boss, you have the freedom to work independently while delegating other duties.

11. Accountant

Any analytical job where you don’t have to work with a ton of other people is best for an INTJ personality type. We like numbers and putting things together in a cohesive manner, and what’s better is that we’re great at it.

Since accountants often do work by themselves, you can really thrive in this type of job.

Numbers also come naturally to us, so it’s not even a particularly difficult job, which is perfect if you want a profession that’s a little more laid back and simple.

It’s also helpful for those who like their job to be highly organized. Many careers don’t offer the opportunity to be organized and it’s something many INTJs prefer.

12. Professor

Not all INTJs get bitten by the teaching bug, but if you have, a professor might be a great job for you.

You’ll get to teach a subject you’re truly passionate about while shaping the minds of your students. It’s fulfilling while also challenging.

One of the best parts about this career for INTJs is the simple fact that you’d be offered a lot of freedom. You work by yourself and don’t have to work with anyone to put together your coursework.

Plus, you can be as highly organized as you need to be in this profession while also using your creativity to teach new lessons and help students understand the material in ways that speak to them.

13. Teacher

Much like a professor, being a regular school teacher is a fantastic job option for INTJs. Once again, you really get to work on your own.

There really isn’t anyone watching you or telling you how to teach. Yes, you’ll have to follow certain district and state guidelines, but you have the freedom within those to work.

This job is also extremely fulfilling. You’ll be teaching today’s youth and shaping the future through your work.

Being very logical and being able to explain big issues in simple terms also aids in our abilities to be strong teachers.

14. Corporate Strategist

Strategy is an INTJ strong suit. We work through analytical, critical, and logical thinking to come up with strategies that work.

This comes in handy with growing corporate businesses. We’re able to sense problems and offer solutions in order to make operations easier and simpler for anyone involved.

You may also want to become a contract corporate strategist so you can work solely on your own and help grow different businesses instead of just one.

Doing it this way may offer some variability to an otherwise mundane job.

Your problem-solving and people-reading skills will be utilized on a daily basis if you choose this career path.

15. Marketing Manager

Once again, a management position is best for INTJs. Having both creative and logistical control while also being able to work independently is a huge bonus.

It’ll help you to stay sane so you can focus on the bigger picture.

When it comes to marketing specifically, the creative side of your personality will be utilized extensively. Marketing is all about using both analytical data and creativity to come up with methods of convincing others to buy or visit your products or websites.

This career choice would fulfill you in so many different ways.

You’ll not only feel great about working through logistics, but you’ll be able to work independently while seeing your projects come to life.

16. Judge

Who would’ve thought that being a judge would work for the personality type who has “Judging” in the name?

While these two things are very different, INTJs still excel when it comes to this line of work.

Judges have to take situations and stories and decide on the fate of someone based on the information presented.

It’s up to them to deduce what’s fair and just.

The logical part of your brain and using critical thinking are important for this job. You’ll also feel really good about the work you’re doing because you’re serving the community and even your country.

This is not the type of job for those looking for something easier and laid back. You will have quite a bit of internalizing to do with this job, but that’s also what makes it great for us INTJ personality types.

17. Business Manager

INTJs are master businessmen and women. If there’s one career you will excel in, it could be a business manager or even just a business owner.

One thing that makes this job such a great match for INTJ personality types is the fact that you run the show.

It also requires every skill you possess, including problem-solving, analytical and logical thinking, and well as creativity.

It will not only be a challenge, but it’ll be a fulfilling one.

With this career, you’ll almost never get bored, and you’ll be able to run things how you see fit – and we know how much INTJs love to have stuff done their way.

If there’s anything in which you should major in college in order to get a job that fits your personality type the most, it’s business management.

Finding the right career is invaluable. You need to put yourself on the right path as early as possible in life in order to grow and achieve everything you truly desire. The best INTJ careers are those that require both analytical and creative thinking along with independence.

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