37 INTJ Anime Characters You Have To Know About

Ever identified with an anime character?

As an INTJ, I have found a lot of anime characters to share the same type.

And today, I’ll share them with you.

Here’s a list of INTJ anime characters worth knowing.

The Ultimate List of Anime Characters with INTJ Personality Type

As you’re about to find out, INTJs are fairly common in animes. That’s no surprise, given how weird and unique this personality type is.

Here are the most popular anime characters with INTJ type.

Uchiha Sasuke: Naruto 

Naruto’s friend-turned-rival Sasuke is a classic example of an INTJ. He has one goal ahead of him – revenge on his brother for killing his clan. And throughout the series, you can see that all his actions are guided by that one goal. 

Sasuke is very detached and cynical, with relatively poor social skills. He also tends to look down upon those he deems under him on an intellectual level, which doesn’t do him much good in getting closer to people.

Near: Death Note

Near’s intelligence and critical thinking allow him to look at the problem as if it was a game of chess. He sees the big picture and uses deduction to find the right answer, like a true INTJ.

When it comes to social knowledge, he’s not that great. The guy has very little interest in interacting with others. And even when he does, he cares little for body language – he doesn’t even keep eye contact with the person he’s talking with.

Later in the anime, we find out he does actually care about people around him but keeps his distance because he’s sensitive.

Suguru Geto: Jujutsu Kaisen

INTJ’s dark side is pretty apparent in this character. 

Geto believes he’s better than anyone else, which makes him very close-minded to other people’s perspectives. No matter how valid someone’s opinion might be, he’s instantly dismissive of it.

His arrogance goes far. As a sorcerer, he believes he’s superior to other races, which shows his Darwinistic approach. This is very typical for unhealthy INTJs.

However, he does care a great deal about close people – he sees commanders as his family.

Kurapika: Hunter X Hunter

The last survivor of the Kurta Clan has one goal ahead of him – to avenge his clan. And throughout the series, he’s focused on achieving that goal.

Kurapika is very methodical and likes being prepared. So one thing that pisses him off is recklessness. How INTJ of him. He also reads between the lines to understand the true intentions of others. 

Yelena: Shingeki no Kyojin

One of the main antagonists of the Attack on Titan series is a great example of a true INTJ.

Her obsession with Zeke might appear odd for an INTJ at first glance, but hear me out. As an INTJ, she’s great at reading through people. And she knew right away that Zeke could be the one to save the world. And by following him, she’s a part of that great achievement as well.

Yelena is also very collected and chill, even in situations that could cause others to freak out. She’s perfectly capable of keeping her cool and letting logic guide her.

Sōsuke Aizen: Bleach

Like a true INTJ, Aizen is very pragmatic and methodical. He’s goal-oriented and focused on formulating the perfect plan for achieving it.

His dark side comes out throughout the series. We see that he treats people around him as pawns, nothing more. This comes from his sense of superiority and fatal arrogance. 

This unhealthy perspective does help him deceive many people around him, given how he cares little about their feelings.

Sasori: Naruto

Here’s yet another INTJ character from Naruto.

Sasori has impeccable strategic and planning skills. He can think ahead, which helps him keep stay focused on the task at hand. 

Sasori is a typical INTJ in the way that he keeps his feelings and values to himself. He also has a hard time understanding opinions and beliefs that differ from his. As someone who’s very rational and guided by logic, he can’t understand how emotions can come in between.

Mihawk: One Piece

Mihawk doesn’t simply accept things as they are. He’s very analytical about everything and always seeks to find the true meaning.

And he absolutely hates when others don’t care about truth as much as he does. Mihawk always tries to prove others’ correct, but what bothers him more is when he’s met with ignorance. 

Lelouch vi Britannia: Code Geass

It was clear that Lelouch is INTJ, even from his school days. He didn’t care much for homework and studying, as he thought he already knew all that. In other words, that would simply be a waste of time.

Lelouch is very cold-headed and calculated in combat. He has a Machiavellian belief that ends justify the means. And if that means sacrificing civilians, so be it. He’s able to look at the big picture by involving feelings, so he can easily leave the past in the past.

Piccolo: Dragon Ball

Piccolo is a master planner. Before acting, he takes time to observe and create a strategy – quite different from how Goku would act, for instance.

And that’s why Piccolo has that wise aura. He’s very intelligent, but he also knows how to put his knowledge to the best use. With his mind on the bigger picture, it’s easy for him to create a plan of action that can get him there.

Niko Robin: One Piece

Niko is often a misinterpreted character – which is quite surprising given that she’s a typical INTJ.

Her introverted intuition is rather strong, s she always tries to see things behind the scenes. She sees patterns and makes connections between them in a linear way, just like an INTJ.

Niko is very efficient and pushes her crew to stay on track at all times. And they better be. This girl can get rather angry when someone’s wasting their time. You don’t want to be there when she’s angry…

Sabrina: Pokemon

Sabrina has a very mysterious aura to her, and it’s her introverted intuition she can thank for that. 

Sabrina is very rational and pragmatic but not very patient. And sometimes, it can get the best of her. 

She can often appear rather cold and unemotional, and not just because of her robotic appearance. She doesn’t like expressing emotions, although sometimes it’s difficult for her to hold her anger.

Edward Elric: Fullmetal Alchemist

He might be quiet on the outside, but inside Edward’s mind, thoughts move like crazy. Edward has great observation and critical thinking skills, which he really puts to use. 

Plus, he’s goal-oriented like any other INTJ. And with such a genius mind, it’s easy for Edward to create a plan of action to achieve that goal. He’s definitely a man of action, not just plans. And when he does that, he does it in the most direct way possible.

Satsuki Kiryuin: Kill La Kill 

You don’t need to finish the series to see right through Satsuki. She’s a perfect example of an INTJ. 

She has a single goal – to take out her mother. And everything she does is directed toward reaching that goal. I mean, she even created the academy for that sole purpose. 

With the big picture in mind, Satsuki knows that patience is a virtue. Her goal requires careful planning and execution, so waiting is not just worth it but necessary. 

Satsuki is also very pragmatic. She’s able to put emotions aside to find the most efficient and rational decision in anything she does.

Ciel Phantomhive: Black Butler

It’s easy to misunderstand Ciel as a different MBTI type, as he’s immature and traumatized. Ciel is an INTJ person, although many traits he’s expressing are a result of his dark side. 

But one thing that’s clear from the start is that Ciel is very calculated and goal-oriented. His mind works like a game of chess, and he’s always thinking ten steps ahead. 

Ciel is very cold and reserved. He even sees people around him as chess pieces. He cares little about interacting with them. But he’s definitely interested in how he can make them useful to him.

Tatsuhiko Shibusawa: Bungou Stray Dogs

Tatsuhiko is a man of intellect. In fact, he’s too smart for his good. Throughout the series, he expresses his dark side by falling into nihilistic thoughts. He feels like no one is on par with him, which leaves him feeling empty.

Tatsuhiko thinks like a true INTJ. He’s very symbolic and abstract, which is thanks to his dominant introverted intuition. He can also get too caught up in his head, which doesn’t do him good.

Vicious: Cowboy Bebop

Vicious is a man with a plan. And he’s always searching for the most fool-proof ways to make his plans happen.

One thing that’s pretty clear in the anime is that he shows little respect for tradition. He doesn’t agree with many principles, and like a true INTJ, he will actively fight against them.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Vicious doesn’t smile much throughout the anime. He appears rather cold and distant, which isn’t far from true. Vicious doesn’t really understand those around him, so he doesn’t try to make them understand him, either.

Neji Hyuga: Naruto

Once Naruto released him from his “darkness,” Neji had an awakening of his mature INTJ personality. He could determine his own destiny, and his big-picture view can help him work towards achieving it.

Like an INTJ, Neji talks in metaphors. 

“Naruto, sometimes your eyes are better than mine, Sasuke is currently in the dark.”

Obviously, he’s not comparing their eyes’ colors and shapes. Instead, he’s referring to Naturo’s perception of faith.

Neji is a healthy INTJ, he has developed extroverted sensing. We can see this in his understanding that he’s not bound by his destiny but a creator of one. 

Oreki Houtarou: Hyouka

Oreki is a pretty interesting INTJ.

He’s very intelligent – that’s not surprising. He’s also very lazy – which can seem surprising for an INTJ. 

But it will make sense once you learn that there’s an adequate reason behind that. You see, he thinks he should be efficient with how he spends his energy. 

“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.”

That’s why he’ll avoid sports at all costs. He simply doesn’t see that it’s worth his time.

Kei Tsukishima: Haikyū!!

As a typical INTJ, Kei can appear to be quite cold and distant. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. He’s simply selective about how much time he should dedicate to every person.

But while he might be quiet, his brain is constantly working in full mode. Kei is very analytical and observant. He uses his findings to create a systematic approach to a situation and get ahead of his opponents.

Rei Kiriyama: Sangatsu No Lion

Rei is an unhealthy INTJ. This is pretty obvious from the fact that he neglects his own needs and feelings when he’s in an uncomfortable situation.

He can be too focused on improving his knowledge that he gets dissociated from the outside world. This often also makes him distant from people around him.

Trafalgar Law: One Piece

Law is another future-oriented character with a master plan in his mind. In fact, he had it all figured out even before he approached the Straw Hats.

He’s extremely by the book, so he gets overwhelmed when improvisation is required. He lays down his plan, step by step, in the specific order they should be completed. So when the plan is not followed, he gets very stressed.

Kaguya Shinomiya: Love is War

Shirogane describes Kaguya as a true INTJ. He says she’s the most perfectionist planner he has ever met. And she just may well be. Kaguya is very goal-focused while pushing everything else aside.

This, of course, also means emotions. Kaguya doesn’t concern herself much with appearing friendly and doesn’t expect the same from other people. 

In fact, she finds it odd that someone can love her for herself. She needs to overthink everything, even reasons why someone might feel a certain way.

Kurisu Maakise: Steins;Gate

Like a real INTJ, Kurisu is very rational and logical. As a scientist, she chose to research a more logical side of how the brain works – neurology.

Kurisu likes analyzing more abstract concepts, like time. Still, she didn’t accept the existence of a time machine as a fact until she had empirical evidence. 

As a scientist, she knows better than to let feelings get in the way of truth. And this is something she applies in both her work and private life.

Merlin: Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin is one of the rare INTJs on this list that can be considered to be mature. While she’s mysterious and calm in communication, she can also be kind. As a mature character, she also looks outwards at the world and people around her rather than living mostly inside her head. 

Merlin definitely treasures knowledge and development. She always keeps her cool, even in tense situations. But on the inside, she might already be scheming a counteraction. Merlin just doesn’t like to do things impulsively. So she takes her time and plans the perfect response.

Fyodor Dostoevsky: Bungou Stray Dogs

Fyodor is definitely the most mysterious character in this anime, if not on the list as well. 

He always appears calm and cold, whether he’s facing friends or enemies. In the case of the latter, it works insanely well as a strategy. However, that’s not such a great personality trait when it comes to friendships.

The reason he shows no fear is probably due to the fact that he’s not afraid. And why should he be? He’s already ten steps ahead of everyone, so no one can catch him off guard.

Haku: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Haku didn’t become an apprentice simply for his interest in magic. He, like a true INTJ, saw a greater benefit of that, which is power.

He’s not very friendly. He appears rather cold to everyone aside from Chihiro, who he deeply cares for. Another INTJ trait that is prominent here is his loyalty to her and readiness to express his feelings.

Miyuki Shirogane: Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Miyuki’s INTJ personality really comes through in his relationship with Kaguya. Instead of directly asking her to go out, he will try to read her actions and words. But with such bad social skills, that’s not going very well for him.

As a thinking type, Miyuki likes to think things through before acting. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets the best of him and makes him too idle.

On a more intellectual level, it’s clear that Miyuki is driven by knowledge and workaholic. This guy juggles so many things – school, student council, and a part-time job!

Jean Kirstein: Shingeki No Koyin

Jean is often misinterpreted as many different MBTI types, but INTJ seems to be the most fitting.

Jean is very goal-oriented, to the point of being obsessed with predicting outcomes. So it really bugs him when other people don’t predict something that was to be expected to happen. He’s pragmatic and efficient, and people who aren’t are his biggest pet peeve.

Frieza: Dragon Ball

Frieza is a rather collected and chill character who doesn’t just jump to conclusions. He likes to gather as much info as possible before analyzing for patterns and similarities. 

He always thinks everything through, so Frieza finds it extremely annoying when others don’t.

One such situation is when Zarbon kills Vegeta. Zarbon acted impulsively, guided more by emotions than by logic. 

What Zarbon failed to consider, but Frieza didn’t, was that Vegeta could have been the only one to know where the dragon ball was. So killing him could have resulted in dragon balls being lost forever.

Light Yagami: Death Note

Light is an INTJ with a big picture in mind. In his case is using the Death Note to create a better world. 

But of course, he thinks of everything. That includes protecting himself and the Death Note from enemies. He’s very meticulous in hiding it from potential danger, which expresses his attention to detail. Light is simply ten steps ahead of everyone searching for it.

Kirei Kotomine: Fate 

Kirei tries to find the underlying meaning behind everything. This includes his own dreams and desires, which he struggles to understand. This is no surprise, given that he tries to apply logic and rational reasoning to irrational emotions.

Kirei is very direct and straightforward. He doesn’t hold back from expressing his opinions, no matter how others might think of them. 

Blue Oak: Pokemon Adventures

Blue Oak is very strategic and plan-oriented. Before making a move, he gathers information and builds a strategy. This is something he applies in everyday life as well as battle.

Blue Oak is a strong leader and doesn’t mind taking charge in situations when he’s most fit. He might appear blunt and cold, but that’s simply the most efficient way of transferring his message across.

Crocodile: One Piece

Crocodile’s mind works like a chessboard. He’s always a few moves ahead of everyone else.

Just take his plan to take over Alabasta Kingdom, for example. He schemed to get status as a national hero, yet he couldn’t care less about the kingdom. It’s merely a means to achieve his plan in the long run.

Everything he does is focused on achieving that goal. That might not always be apparent to others, but Crocodile can see the big picture and knows how everything falls into place.

And if there’s anyone trying to stop or slow him down, he won’t fret about crushing anyone in his way.

Gendo Ikari: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo has one purpose in life – to bring his wife, Yui, back to life. And to make that come true, he spends as much as fourteen years creating the perfect plan. Now, that’s dedication.

And in his endeavor, he fails to recognize his wife’s real wishes. His approach is way too logical and rational, not paying attention to how she could have felt about that.

Ray: The Promised Neverland

Like a true INTJ, Ray has no issue seeing the real nature of things. So it’s no surprise he could perceive the true nature of Grace Field House.

He’s very intelligent and guided by logic, so he does great in school. But that’s not really the case in his social life.

Ray is distant and prefers spending time reading a good book to hanging out with people. However, he’s rather close to his siblings and enjoys their company.  

Shun Kazami: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

Shun is extremely calm and collected, even when he’s deeply annoyed inside. He won’t let that get the best of him and cause him to have a tantrum. 

Even in battles, Shun is a lone wolf. He’s guided by logic but also has great intuition, which helps him get ahead of his enemies.

To Sum Things Up

As you can see, many animes have at least one INTJ character.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

INTJs simply bring such a unique personality to the table. Whether main protagonists, antagonists, or side characters, we can agree these INTJs are memorable.

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