11 Complete INTJ Strengths And Weaknesses You Must Learn

strengths and weaknesses

No personality type is perfect. When it comes to INTJ strengths and weaknesses, they’re pretty standard but definitely unique to this personality type. That being said, what you may consider a weakness isn’t really one to us INTJs. But that doesn’t mean our weaknesses don’t exist. They’re there, just like their strengths are. Knowing these … Read more

INTJ vs INTP: 5 Ways To Tell Them Apart

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Just because two personality types have similar letters doesn’t mean they’re all that much alike. When it comes to INTJ vs INTP, we can help tell them apart. While these two personality types definitely have similarities, they also have vast differences that make it obvious they’re two very different types of people. This is crucial … Read more

Why Are INTJs So Rare? 5 Fascinating Reasons

rare INTJ concept

INTJs are among the least common personality types. It’s only logical to ask: Why are INTJs so rare? It seems there should be many more of us. The truth is that INTJs are full of contradictions. Our personality traits often seem as though work against one another to those observing us. When in reality, it’s … Read more

INTJ In Love Signs: 13 Unmistakable Signs An INTJ Is In Love

in love bubbles

There are some people who make it nearly impossible to tell if they’re in love. INTJs are not like those people. There are plenty of INTJ in love signs to look out for if you’re wondering if someone with our personality types has developed feelings for someone. People don’t show their affection in the same … Read more

INTJ Careers: 17 Careers Every INTJ Will Love

intj careers

The career path you choose is more important than you think. Going into a job that’s completely wrong for your personality type can result in regret and a dead end. In order to succeed in life, you should focus on INTJ careers that’ll suit who you are at your deepest. But what INTJ careers are … Read more

How To Tell If An ENFP Likes You? 10 Signs To Watch

intj enfp flirting

When it comes to romantic relationships, there’s nothing quite like an ENFP. But you don’t need me to tell you the hardest part is knowing how to tell if an ENFP likes you. Normally, you might not read too much into the way they act around you. But when it comes to finding love, being … Read more

7 Unique INTJ Female Dating Tips For Ambitious Women

intj woman dating

When it comes to the world of love, we INTJs have a pretty difficult time. It’s not that we’re unlikeable, but INTJ female dating is just more complicated. For starters, we’re already known as “robots” for our lack of showing how we truly feel. Obviously, when it comes to meeting someone new, this can be … Read more

INTJ vs ENTJ: What’s The Difference?

introvert vs extrovert sign

Just because these two personality types seem similar doesn’t mean they are. If you pit them against each other, INTJ vs ENTJ can often seem completely different. INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, while ENTJ is the same except instead of being introverted, they’re extroverted. Before we get into details, you first have to … Read more

INTJ ISTJ Relationship: Can You Make It Work?

INTJ ISTJ Relationship

Let’s get one thing straight. Two healthy individuals can make any relationship work. The question is: How difficult will it be to make certain relationships work? You’re here because you want advice based on personality preference. I’m here to explain why an INTJ ISTJ relationship would be difficult, too difficult, in my opinion. You might … Read more

INTJ ISFJ Relationship: 3 Factors To Pay Attention To

INTJ ISFJ Relationship

Is this one of the worst MBTI personality matches? Many think so. But let me be clear: Every relationship can work. Yet still, no smoke without fire. Let’s look at some of the key factors that could influence your INTJ ISFJ relationship. If there is one area where INTJs are weakest, it’s in the domain … Read more

4 Weird Reasons INTJ INFP Relationships Are Rocky

INTJ INFP Relationship

Let’s get one thing straight. All relationships are rocky from time to time. It’s a question of degree. But what is it in particular that might cause tension in this pairing? Let’s look at some of the reasons why INTJ INFP relationships might struggle. One of the first things you’ll say when describing your INFP … Read more

INTJ INFJ Relationship: Here’s What It’s Like

INTJ INFJ Relationship

Sensitive INFJ. Emotionless INTJ. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? There is more to this than meets the eye, however. Why is this known as a curiously suitable personality pairing? Let’s look at some of the dynamics at play in an INTJ INFJ relationship. INTJ INFJ Relationship: A Brief Overview Known for their … Read more

INTJ ESTP Relationship: Is There A Chance For Compatibility?

INTJ ESTP Relationship

You might be wondering: Is the INTJ ESTP relationship even possible? Are the differences too large to overcome? Let me explain my understanding of this unique dynamic. And how, if the conditions are right, this could be an amazing relationship pairing. But also, at the same time, how it could be one worth avoiding. INTJ … Read more

INTJ ESTJ Relationships: Can They Work Out?

INTJ ESTJ Relationship

Let’s be honest: Chemistry is possible between all personality types. Satisfied with this answer? No? Don’t worry, I didn’t think so. So you might be wondering: Can INTJ ESTJ relationships work out? Bottom line: No. But let’s look at some of the reasons why. INTJ ESTJ Relationships: Run Away… Now We can immediately look at … Read more

INTJ ESFJ Relationships: 6 Things You Must Know About

INTJ ESFJ Relationship

A word of warning: be careful with ESFJs. Extreme? Perhaps. But this is the view of countless INTJs in their experiences with ESFJs. Whether in relationships or at work, ESFJs are known for their deep incompatibility with INTJs. But why? INTJs and ESFJs have deeply different ways of looking at the world and their behavior … Read more

5 Ways To Improve Your INTJ ENFJ Relationship

INTJ ENFJ Relationship

Are you currently in an INTJ ENFJ relationship? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting one? Either way, I got some useful insights to share with you. But let’s get one thing straight: No relationship will ever be perfect. If you accept this, read on. This may not be one of the more likely MBTI personality … Read more

INTJ ENTP Relationship: A Practical Blueprint

INTJ ENTP Relationship

Loyal. Great conversationalist. Innovative. Outgoing. Attractive? Absolutely. As an INTJ you might find a great match in an ENTP partner. But let’s be honest: a great match doesn’t imply a great relationship. What can you do to improve your INTJ ENTP relationship? INTJ ENTP Relationship: A Complete Guide You can start by trying to understand … Read more

How To Overcome Your INTJ ESFP Relationship Issues

INTJ ESFP Relationship

Perfect opposites? Almost. But let’s get one thing straight. Many opposites don’t naturally attract. And what to do if you’re in a relationship with one? Follow these tips to overcome natural difficulties in your INTJ ESFP relationship. INTJ ESFP Relationship Problems: A Brief Overview Most INTJ ESFP relationships are characterized by the usual problems of … Read more

INTJ INTP Relationship: The Ultimate Survival Guide

INTJ INTP Relationship Guide

So you’re in a relationship with an INTP? Or maybe you’d like to be? We’re going to look at what you can expect in your INTJ INTP relationship. And we’ll look at some of the ways of dealing with your differences. Buckle up! INTJ INTP Relationship: What To Expect INTPs have a tremendous amount in … Read more

INTJ ISFP Relationship: Impossible Or Not?

INTJ ISFP Relationship

INTJ ISFP relationship personality pairing is held up as one of the better matches for INTJs. Indeed ISFPs are said to have a great way of complementing INTJs. They often seem to click in ways many other MBTI relationship pairings don’t. Of course, neither of you should have significant personal issues. You both need to … Read more

Pros And Cons Of An INTJ ENTJ Relationship

INTJ ENTJ Relationship

Can there really only be one personality pairing that’s perfect? Ok, I’m exaggerating. But what if we were told that this is one of them? Let me be clear: I believe this is one of the most compatible matches for an INTJ. Let’s look at some of the reasons why an INTJ ENTJ relationship could … Read more

INTJ ENFP Relationships: A Match Made In Heaven?


Let’s face it: dating and relationships can be difficult areas for INTJs. We find social situations draining and sometimes hard to endure. What if there was a personality type that was the perfect match for you? That special person who is strong where you are weak, and just the right number of personality characteristics to … Read more

INTJ INTJ Relationships: Guide For Robots In Love

INTJs in love

Ok, using the word robots is a bit much. Or is it? Have you ever known INTJs who used this word to describe themselves? Are you an INTJ who describes yourself this way in the world of romance? Brace yourself: What would happen if we were to combine two of the most analytical, introverted personality types, and … Read more

INTJ ISTP Relationship 101: How To Make It Work

INTJ ISTP Relationship

All relationships require work, right? Right. But what kind of work are we talking about? And how are we to make a relationship work with an ISTP? I’ll be honest with you: it won’t be easy. But, if you make it work, it will be worth it. Here’s everything you need to know about the … Read more